Wheels, Wings & Wine Part Deux

After taking a flight in the auto-gyro, and with feet firmly back on the ground, it’s time for part 2 of Wheels Wings & Wine. 

Touching down on our runway in the middle of a clearing , we’ll settle in for our picnic meal.  You’ll be able to dine on local specialties as well as sample locally produced wines.

Le Domaine des Rutissons is a stone’s throw from our runway.  The region has a rich heritage of producing wines.  Government records dating back to 1780 make mention of wine production, at the zenith some 10,000 hl were produced annually.  With the onset of post WWII industrialization, the production was decimated. 

Meet Wilfrid (on right) and Laurent (left), proprietors of the Domaine des Rutissons, who are breathing new life into the once abandoned vineyards.

Wilfrid, a motorcycle and wine enthusiast had a chance meeting with Laurent and they formed a partnership based on respecting the terroir, and preserving the wine heritage of the area.  They adhere to creating wines using only Bio and natural methods.  Many of the varieties of grapes are extremely old and have been eclipsed by mass produced wines.  Among the varities they’ve resurrected are Etraire de la d’Huy, Verdesse, Mècle de Bourgoin, Persan, Onchette, Joubertin, Servanin…

In discussing wine, motorcycles, and other fine things in life, you’ll realize how passionate they are about their craft.  Not only are the wines a pleasure, but so is meeting them. 

Our generous hosts are quick to share stories, knowledge of wines, amongst other things, and plenty of good cheer.  Rather than attempt describing their art, it’s best done first person.  This writer simply lacks the vocabulary to do them and their craft justice.   

Enjoying the fruits of their labors, along with an array of wonderful locally produced meats, cheeses and other local dishes, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. 

Be sure to leave some room in your luggage to bring a bottle of wine back home to share with your friends and you’ll help a children’s charity.  (a portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold is donated to help needy children)

Wheels Wings & Wine is part of our select motorcycle tours in France, and can also be arranged as a pre or post-tour event.

For more information on the Domaine des Rutissons, visit their website:  http://domainedesrutissons.fr/