Wheels Wings & Wine Part 1-an afternoon of flying, eating & tasting


Wheels, Wings & Wine Part 1


For those of us wannabe-pilots, & amateur wine connoisseurs, we’ve got the next best thing.  An afternoon of private auto-gyro flights, picnic and wine tasting.  (Available as a pre-tour activity or during your tour.)

First, if you’re wondering what an auto-gyro is, as the name might suggest, it’s not some kind of sandwich served on pita bread.

An auto-gyro looks like a mini-helicopter.  The difference being the main rotor is not engine powered.  The main propeller provides forward thrust which in turn causes the main rotor to spin, thus generating lift.  Now that we’ve got our lesson in aeronautics out of the way…

If you like riding motorcycles, you’ll dig a ride in an auto-gyro.  You can feel the wind, acceleration on the open cockpit versions, just like on a bike.  You get similar sensations accelerating up & down, left and right.  In conjunction with Envie d’Ailes an expert auto-gyro training center featuring experienced pilots and instructors, and Domaine des Rutissons, we’ve put together a memorable activity for you.

Your flight will take you on a quick tour of the surroundings.  You’ll get to see cliffs, the Alps, maybe an old fort, forests, valleys.  The scenery is spectacular, so are the sensations.  You’ll even get to take a souvenir video home with you.

Now with your feet back on the ground, you’ll get the chance to sample some local wines and picnic lunch.  More on that in Part 2.

  Wheels Wings & Wine is a special event found on these motorcycle tours France.