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Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure :

Serious fun for serious riders

Motorcycle Camp which some call “Motor Camp” for short, is a week of serious riding and serious fun.

We all have fond memories of going to Summer camp as kids.  Fun filled days and nights spent with friends….then we grew up.

Well camp doesn’t have to be only for kids.  Who says that adults can’t have a great Summertime experience too?

Motorcycle Camp will bring out the kid in you.

Hey before you hit the back button on your browser, don’t worry no tents or sleeping on the ground is involved.

We won’t be making a fire by rubbing sticks together either.  Instead we’ve selected some attractive accommodations that are both comfortable and will contribute to the group atmosphere.

Think of motorcycle camps as going on a field trip except won’t be getting on any big yellow buses, just motorcycles.  You’ll see plenty of natural wonders, ride plenty of epic roads, and we’ll bring you “into the know” riding roads and visiting spots that are off the radar.

Day 1

Don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm.  Today we’ve got a full day ahead of us.

On tap for the day:  The Vercors.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t.  Either way, you’ll dig it for the ride.

The Vercors is a motorcyclist’s haven.  Hope you got a good night’s sleep, cause we hit the ground running.

Spectacular scenery, twisty roads, narrow gorges, rocky overhangs.  Hill climbs, wide open plateau, forest…plenty to take in.  The Vercors draws motorcyclists from all over Europe and for plenty of good reasons.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Die

Distance:  150-225 km

Ride Time: 4.5 – 5 hours

Day 2

Now some of you are probably saying to yourself:  “man, I can ride 8-10 hours a day back home no problem.”  Well, this isn’t Kansas, Dorothy.

For the newbies, European riding is much more demanding, therefore more tiring.  It’s not boulevard cruising.  With the amount of turns, curves & switchbacks involved, you will have a blast, and you will become a better rider.  However, it does require more effort than you might be accustomed to.

Today we’ll finish our stint in the Vercors.  Our itinerary is as follows:

Departure:  Die

Arrival:  Grenoble

Ride Time:  4.5-5 hours

Distance:  200 km

Day 3 Chartreuse

So you’ve seen the Vercors now we’re going to the Chartreuse mountain range.

Part 1 of our Chartreuse excursion will take us through to Annecy our destination .  On the menu will be forest roads and mountain passes.

Sometimes called the “Venice of the Alps” our destination Annecy is a charming small city on the shores of its namesake lake.  Annecy features a small canal system in the old town similar to Venice, but on a smaller scale.  For almost 200 years Annecy was the capital of Savoy.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Annecy

Distance:  225 km

Ride Time:  5.5-6 hours

Day 4

Part 2 of our Chartreuse excursion,

Today we’ll ride through the Bauges mountains.  The Bauges are a favorite as they feature 14 mountain peaks above 2,000 meters.  Where there are mountains, there’s good riding.  We’ll take advantage of the turns and panoramic views.  Prior to returning to Grenoble, we’ll stop by the Chateau de Vizille home of the French revolution.

For history buffs there’s a museum (free) and a lovely park and gardens definitely worth visiting.

Departure:  Annecy

Arrival:  Grenoble

Distance:  250 km

Ride Time:  5.5 hours

Day 5  Southern Comfort

So we’ve checked the Vercors, Chartreuse and Bauges off our list.  Time to head South into Provence.  We’ll do it imperial style, by taking the Route Napoleon down to Provence.  As the name suggests the Route Napoleon is the route that the emperor took on his march to meet his loyal army after escaping from exile.

The Route Napoleon is a marvelous road with plenty of lovely views, twists and turns to make it interesting for the demanding rider.  The marquee event of the day will be riding through the Verdon Gorges.  Known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, the riding and views are stunning.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Manosque


Ride Time:  5.5-6 hours

Day 6  Southern Comfort

Day 6

Southern Comfort Part 2

So far you’ve been on a steady diet of mountain passes, great roads, you’ve been taking in the sights day after day.  You’ll have to agree that you don’t necessarily need to travel across multiple countries and do countless hours of highway riding to have a great time.

Nevertheless as we near the end of our motorcycle camp session, we have to end on a high note.

We’ll ride through the national park of the Luberon, pass through provincial towns that date back to the Roman empire.  The highlight of the day is the Mont Ventoux.

The Mont Ventoux by Motorcycle

A perennial favorite on the Tour de France, and also one of our perennial favorites.  (We prefer riding up it on a motorcycle.)

Sometimes called the “Beast of Provence”, the Mont Ventoux has a barren desolate landscape reminiscent of something you might see on the moon.  Why the Mont Ventoux?  At 1,912m high, it is the dominant peak in the region.  The Mont Ventoux stands somewhat alone and gives the impression of dominating the region.

After our descent, we’ll have more fun roads and great scenery that you’ve come to expect.

Departure:  Manosque

Arrival:  Grenoble

Distance:  275 km

Ride Time: 5-6 hours

Day 6 Evening Send-off

Everyone will be sad to part ways after spending a great few days at Motor Camp.  We won’t send you off without a proper celebration.  We’ll want to enjoy the spa and relax a little after the ride.

In the evening we’ll have a special party, we’ll laugh, maybe some will cry, certainly we’ll have good food and a good time as you’ve grown accustomed to during your Motor Camp adventure.

Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure May Includes:

  • Local airport or train station transportation (pickup & drop-off)
  • Late model, well maintained BMW motorcycle
  • Experienced, friendly guides
  • Full insurance pilot & passenger
  • Lodging in B&B, gite or glamping
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Gas

Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure May highlights:

  • Vercors, Bauges, Chartreuse
  • Verdon Gorges
  • Mont Ventoux
  • Provence

Motor Camp May 2017

Dates:  May 14th- May 20th

Daily Distance: 150-300km

Total Distance: 1200-1800km

Solo Price: Starting at $ 2,400

Duo Price: Starting at $ 4,000

25% due upon reservation. You will be charged for the remaining balance due 12 weeks before departure. For reservations made less than 12 weeks from departure, 100% is due upon reservation.