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Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure August:

Serious fun for serious riders

Motorcycle Camp is one week jam packed with top notch roads for your riding pleasure.  The one week format allows you to fill up on riding and continue your travels on the continent.

August is the final edition of the season.  This edition will take you to some sweet spots in France & Switzerland.

Day 1

Don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm.  Today we’ve got a full day ahead of us.

On tap for the day:  The Vercors.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t.  History buffs may know that the French Resistance used it as a hiding spot during WWII.  Sports buffs may know that some events of the ’68 Winter Olympics were held in the Vercors.  Don’t care much about history?  No problem, let’s ride.

Spectacular scenery, twisty roads, narrow gorges, rocky overhangs.  Hill climbs, wide open plateau, forest…there’s plenty to take in.  The Vercors draws motorcyclists from all over Europe and for plenty of good reasons.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Grenoble


Ride Time: 4.5 – 5 hours

Day 2

Now you might looking at the daily plans and saying to yourself, Dude, I can ride 8-10 hours a day back home no problem.  Well, this isn’t Kansas, Dorothy.

European riding is more demanding, therefore more tiring.  It’s not boulevard cruising.  With the amount of turns, curves & switchbacks involved, you will have a ball, but it does require more effort than highway cruising.  At the end of a full day as we’ve laid out, you’ll be completely satisfied and ready for some rest until our next riding day.

Today we’ll return to Grenoble and finish our jaunt in the Vercors.  Our itinerary is as follows:

Departure:  Die

Arrival:  Grenoble

Ride Time:  4.5-5 hours

Distance:  200-250km

Motorcycle Tour Europe Vercors

Day 3 Mont Blanc

So now that you’ve gotten the hang of things after riding in the Vercors, now we’re going to take you mountain climbing.

We’re headed to the king daddy of mountains in the European Alps, the Mont Blanc.

Part 1 of our Mont Blanc tour will lead us into Switzerland.  Cheese, chocolate, watches, mountains, that’s what we love about going to Switzerland.  Here’s what our motorcycle ride to Switzerland looks like.

To get there we’ll ride from Grenoble on up to Annecy for lunch.  Annecy is a charming city on the shores of a great lake by the same name.  Also known as the “Venice of the Alps”, Annecy has a canal system like Venice, only on a smaller scale.

After the mandatory souvenir photos, we’ll hop back on the bikes and continue enjoying the mountain roads and panoramic views of in this part of the Alps.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Martigny

Distance:  280 km

Ride Time:  5.5-6 hours

Day 4

Part 2 of our Mont Blanc excursion,

Departing we’ll leave Switzerland behind us and cross back into France to Chamonix, world renowned ski resort.  From here we’ll see the Mont Blanc in all of its grandeur.  Towering above Chamonix at 4808m, you can get a closer look by riding a cable car up the Aiguille du Midi to 3800m.

We’ll wind down and descend en route to Grenoble, crossing two smaller mountain ranges, the Bauges and Chartreuse.  (Yes the same Chartreuse as the cordial made by monks for centuries.  You can read more about Chartreuse here.)

After two days of alpine riding, you’ll agree that motorcycle riding and mountains were made for each other.

Departure:  Martigny

Arrival:  Grenoble

Distance:  280-300 km

Ride Time:  5.5 hours

Day 5  Southern Comfort

So we’ve checked the Vercors, Chartreuse and Bauges off our list.  Time to head South into Provence.  Its fields of lavender, sloping vineyards, and colorful scenery charmed artists such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, & Chagall.  Its also inspired many motorcyclists like us.

We’ll ride to Provence Imperial style, by taking the Route Napoleon down to Provence.  As the name suggests, the Route Napoleon is the same route that the emperor himself took on his march to meet his loyal army after escaping from exile.

The Route Napoleon is a marvelous road with plenty of lovely views, twists and turns to make it interesting for the demanding rider.  The marquee event of the day will be riding through the Verdon Gorges.  Known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, the riding and views are stunning.

Departure:  Grenoble

Arrival:  Manosque

Distance:  250 km

Ride Time:  5.5-6 hours

Day 6

Southern Comfort Part 2

So far you’ve been on a steady diet of mountain passes, great roads, you’ve been taking in the sights day after day.  You’ll have to agree that you don’t necessarily need to travel across multiple countries and do countless hours of highway riding to have a great time.

Nevertheless we’ll end on a high note.  We’ll ride through the national park of the Luberon, pass through provincial towns that date back to the Roman empire.  The highlight of the day is the Mont Ventoux.  A perennial favorite on the Tour de France, and also one of our perennial favorites.

Sometimes called the “Beast of Provence”, the Mont Ventoux has a barren desolate landscape reminiscent of something you might see on the moon.  Why the Mont Ventoux?  At 1,912m high, it is the dominant peak in the region.  The Mont Ventoux stands somewhat alone and gives the impression of dominating the region.

After our descent, we’ll have more fun roads and great scenery that you’ve come to expect.

Departure:  Manosque

Arrival:  Grenoble

Distance:  250 km

Ride Time: 5.5-6 hours

Day 6:  Evening Send-off Party

We’ll finish up in style.  First we’ll relax at the spa before the evening festivities.

Since this is our final Motorcycle Camp session of the 2017 season, we’ll have an extra special celebration.  Great food, laughs and plenty of stories to tell.  We’ll laugh, maybe some will cry, after all we spent an epic week together.  We’ll promise to write or email and look forward to our next adventure.  Until then, thanks for such an awesome time.

Motorcycle Camp Includes:

  • Local airport or train station transportation (pickup & dropoff)
  • Late model, well maintained BMW
  • Experienced, friendly guides
  • Full insurance pilot & passenger
  • Lodging in B&B, hotel, gite or “glamping”
  • Breakfast
  • Gas

Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure July highlights:

  • Mont Blanc
  • Provence
  • Vercors
  • Switzerland
  • Chamonix, Annecy

Activities available for Motorcycle Camp European Riding Adventure August*

  • Glider or Auto-Gyro initiation
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Canyoning
  • Via Ferrata
  • Cycling
  • Treetop obstacle course

*Activities are optional and will depend on time and weather.

Motor Camp August 2017

Dates:  August 22nd- August 29th

Daily Distance: 150-300km

Total Distance: 1200-1800km

Solo Price: Starting at $ 2,900

Duo Price: Starting at $ 4,800

25% due upon reservation. You will be charged for the remaining balance due 12 weeks before departure. For reservations made less than 12 weeks from departure, 100% is due upon reservation.