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Gear Bundle for worry free travel

You’ve finally found the perfect European motorcycle tour, made your reservations, you’re so stoked, until you think about packing your gear…

Looks like you might be traveling with 2-3 bags, which might mean checked bag fees.  When there’s a checked bag, there’s risk of delay, damage, or loss.  That increases with each connecting flight you have to take.

Good motorcycle gear comes at a price.  (Read the fine print on your airplane ticket to see how much you’ll be reimbursed in case of loss.)  It might not even cover the cost of buying a new jacket or pants.

The thought of showing up for your tour with your gear lost in transit is scary.  Don’t think of counting on local shops as a safety net to replace everything.  Shops are closed on Sundays & Mondays.  As shops tend to stock a minimum of inventory you might not find what you need in a pinch.

Now you could always wear your gear, especially when you’re traveling from Australia or New Zealand.  Or you could try to get it all into a carry-on, but with airlines enforcing baggage regulations to collect more fees, you might be out of luck,

We’ve got a solution to avoid the risk & hassle of transporting your gear:  Gear Bundle.

Gear Bundle includes modular or full face helmet, textile jacket & pants, gloves and rain suit.  Suppliers include:  Alpinestars, Bering, BMW, Dainese, DXR, Ixon, and IXS.  All gear meets safety regulation standards.  Each piece is cleaned & inspected after each use.

We have both Men’s & Women’s gear.  A Gear Bundle is $175 per person for the duration of your tour.

If you’re planning on doing some other travels before or after your tour, the Gear Bundle is your best bet.

Before jamming your gear in a suitcase and hoping for the best, get the Gear Bundle and you can relax and enjoy your flight, worry free.

Gear Bundle details can be found here.

Whenever you add a Tour to your Cart, Gear Bundle is offered as an option.  If you’ve already reserved a tour and want to add Gear Bundle, you can do so up to 30 days prior to your tour departure.  Simply go directly to the Gear Bundle page by using the links above.

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Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle Tour Review

Talk about putting “Grand” with a capital G into the Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle tour.

This tour was jam packed with mountains & mountain passes, many featured on the silver screen.  If we weren’t charging up mountain roads, we were motoring through valleys passing postcard picture forests, streams, waterfalls, chalets and the like.  Not only did we ride the best roads in Switzerland, we took advantage and did some in Italy & France.

furka pass motorcycle tour

ride the furka pass

The roads were challenging and were only asking to be ridden at a spirited pace.  We were happy to oblige and indulge ourselves.

The riding & scenery were spectacular, but somehow we managed to dismount to enjoy some fabulous food.  Meal after meal, the quality & variety was amazing.

Hazelnut, pistachio breaded filet of pork

Switzerland was the headliner on this tour, but we had to sample some of France & Italy while we were in the neighborhood.

The iconic Stelvio Pass went down hard.  There were so many hairpin turns we lost count, so we just had to do it again.

After getting our fill of the Stelvio Pass, we toured the Dolomites.  These mountains are so spectacular it’s easy to take your eyes off the road.

Now that our skills were sufficiently honed, and we were in mid-season form, we took on a number of “cols” featured in the Tour de France.  Maybe not as well publicized as the Stelvio Pass or Grossglockner, but riding the French Alps is a favorite among European riders.

Galibier, Lautaret, Croix de Fer, Glandon, Ornon… we brought our “A” game to take on these monsters.  All are top shelf roads and we were blown away by them all.  Thanksfully we had delicious French cuisine to keep us fueled up.

The week passed almost as fast as we took on some of these phenomenal roads.  Looking back on it we covered some serious ground and managed to accomplish so much that would make many fellow riders jealous.


Wheels Wings & Wine Part 1-an afternoon of flying, eating & tasting


Wheels, Wings & Wine Part 1


For those of us wannabe-pilots, & amateur wine connoisseurs, we’ve got the next best thing.  An afternoon of private auto-gyro flights, picnic and wine tasting.  (Available as a pre-tour activity or during your tour.)

First, if you’re wondering what an auto-gyro is, as the name might suggest, it’s not some kind of sandwich served on pita bread.

An auto-gyro looks like a mini-helicopter.  The difference being the main rotor is not engine powered.  The main propeller provides forward thrust which in turn causes the main rotor to spin, thus generating lift.  Now that we’ve got our lesson in aeronautics out of the way…

If you like riding motorcycles, you’ll dig a ride in an auto-gyro.  You can feel the wind, acceleration on the open cockpit versions, just like on a bike.  You get similar sensations accelerating up & down, left and right.  In conjunction with Envie d’Ailes an expert auto-gyro training center featuring experienced pilots and instructors, and Domaine des Rutissons, we’ve put together a memorable activity for you.

Your flight will take you on a quick tour of the surroundings.  You’ll get to see cliffs, the Alps, maybe an old fort, forests, valleys.  The scenery is spectacular, so are the sensations.  You’ll even get to take a souvenir video home with you.

Now with your feet back on the ground, you’ll get the chance to sample some local wines and picnic lunch.  More on that in Part 2.

  Wheels Wings & Wine is a special event found on these motorcycle tours France.


Triumphant Return Austrian MotoGP

motorcycle tour moto gp franceRecently the 2016 Austrian GP was awarded top honors as the best event of the season by the Grand Prix Commission (full article at the end of this post).

Our job is to pick winners, and coincidentally we just so happened to have been at the 2016 Austrian Moto GP.  We agree that it deserved top honors.

After a 19 year absence from the MotoGP calendar, to come back and get top honors means that they did it right and did it right off the bat.


(Watch Ducati Fans Celebrate)

Here are a few of our observations.

  • The weather was outstanding.  You couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.
  • The crowd was huge, really huge, crazy huge.  It made for great ambience.
  • Great race action.  Ducati had a great race and earned a tough win.
  • The venue is awesome.  The Red Bull Ring is big.  Really big.  Lots of good seats.  General admission is not so good.
  • The logistics of getting in & out were good.  Everything kept moving smoothly.
  • Really nice airshow for starters.  Some classic propeller & jet planes entertained the crowd for a while before the race start.


Here’s a few suggestions to potential attendees or the organizers of the Austrian MotoGP.

  • More food & refreshment options.  Some were wiped out of inventory and the race hadn’t started.
  • Some areas around the portable toilets turned into a muddy disaster.  (Not the place to wear flip-flops.)
  • Parking in fields quite far away with shuttles to get you close.  If you are riding your motorcycle, bring something to prevent the kickstand from sinking into the ground in case the ground is soft.
  • General admission seating.  You can sit, but not see.  You can stand and maybe see.  This area is crowded and too far in some places to see the race action.  For the non MotoGP fan, this is probably acceptable.  If you really want to see the race, buy a seat in the grandstands, or get there really early to secure something in the front of general admission.
  • If you want a seat, they go on sale several months in advance.  Make your purchase early, or you will be relegated to general admission.
  • As always sunscreen, hats sunglasses (although you can easily find a merchant who’ll sell you a Valentino Rossi cap)
  • Folding chairs are permitted in general admission.  The ground gets a little uncomfortable after an afternoon of sitting.


Besides the Austrian MotoGP race, there’s an entire beautiful country to explore.  If you’re thinking about Austrian motorcycle tours, check out  our Mega Alpine motorcycle tour.  We think it’s the best way of discovering the Tyrol, Alps, Dolomites as well as Swiss mountain passes, the Stelvio pass and Grossglockner high mountain road..



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