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Guided Motorcycle Tours France

They go together like fine wine & cheese.

For a country roughly the size of Texas, France is a great place for motorcycling.

France offers unparalleled diversity in numerous domains.  Its topography is rich and varied.  Choose from 7 mountain ranges, forests, regions as diverse as Provence, the Cote d’Azur, Normandy, Brittany, the Drome and Ardeche to name a few.

There are many regions to choose from, each rich in history, art & architecture, culture and gastronomy.

France is also the largest market for motorcycles and scooters.  In 2015 roughly 250,000 new units were sold outpacing neighboring countries by a wide margin.  The locals are used to seeing motorcycles and giving them due respect.

The wealth of a secondary road network of motorcycle friendly roads must help sales and attract motorcyclists.  No need to ride on endless stretches of highway straightaways.

With villages dating back to the Roman empire and earlier, there are plenty of vestiges such as amphitheaters, roads, aqua ducts, bridges, fortified towns to see along your route.  If you are looking for something earlier, there caves adorned with primitive art over 20,000 years old.

If you prefer something a little more recent, the Chateaux of the Loire Valley are architectural masterpieces of a bygone era.  Or perhaps you want to visit vestiges of WW II, Napoleon, the Knights Templar, Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Louis XIV, and more can be found along your route.

If sports and sporting events are more your thing, you’ve got a rich history in racing from Formula One Grand Prix of France and Monte Carlo, the 24 hours of Le Mans (both automobile and motorcycle), the French Moto GP, and the Bol d’Or 24 hour endurance race.  Let’s not forget the Tour de France.

The French are heavily invested in their gastronomy, cuisine and wine.  From region to region, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of the local specialties.

Taking a guided motorcycle tour in France can be a such a rewarding experience on many levels.  Browse our selection of motorcycle tours France and we hope you join us some time.

Take a look at our Guided Motorcycle Tours France 2018:

Motorcycle Tours France


Chateaux of the Loire, Le Mans, Normandy


June 9-21


Auvergne, Alps, Chateaux, 24 hours Le Mans, Normandy WWII beaches, Brittany

This motorcycle tour France is loaded with history, culture, architecture and motor sport.

You’ll ride through the Auvergne region in the Massif Central mountain region up to the Loire Valley.  Here you will visit a few marvelous castles (chateaux)then head to the Brittany coast for a night at the Mont Saint Michel.  You’ll also visit the Normandy Beaches of D-Day before the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Following the race in Le Mans you’ll cross the Burgundy & Beaujolais wine regions before regaining Grenoble in the Alps.

This motorcycle tour of France offers a wide variety of experiences and takes you through some fantastic regions for riding.

monaco corsica motorcycle tour


Motorcycle Tours France


Monaco Historic GP & Corsica Motorcycle Tour


May 9-23


France, Corsica, Monaco

This motorcycle tour France & Corsica will make your bucket list shorter.

You’ll have a thrilling ride through the Alps down to the Riviera.  In Monaco you’ll see historic Grand Prix race cars tear up the streets of this celebrated city.  Whether you’re a race fan or not, seeing the cars race around the city streets is a once in a lifetime event.

Following the race it’s off to Corsica for a week of fun & discovery.  Enjoy the natural beauty of an island with great diversity.  Motorcycle tour in Corsica is the best way to visit the island.  From the coasts to mountains, forest to desert, the scenery is sublime and the roads are exciting.

A few more days motorcycle touring in France, enjoying Provincial towns, excellent food and wine before bidding you bon voyage home.

Motorcycle Tours France


Mega Mountain Tour:  Alps Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour


June 5-19


Alps, Pyrenees, Andorra, Spain, France

Think of this as two motorcycle tours of France in one. You get a motorcycle tour of the French Alps & a motorcycle tour Pyrenees.

The roads are amazing.  Mountain pass after mountain pass.  Every day you’ll have a new challenge with differences and an ever changing background.

In the Pyrenees you’ll get a taste of the Basque & Catalan culture as we ride coast to coast from the Mediterranean to Atlantic coasts.

In between motorcycle touring in the Alps & Pyrenees is Provence.  You’ll see plenty of remnants of the Roman Empire, ride through the Grand Canyon of Europe and tackle the infamous windy mountain:  The Mont Ventoux.

This tour will seduce you on many levels:  first and foremost the concentration of excellent riding, next the scenery, and the food & wine.  The diversity of regional dishes & wines from the Alps down to the Pyrenees and in between is just incredible.  You would be hard very pressed to find any tour near as good as this motorcycle tour in France.

PS.  As if that weren’t enough, you’ll go to Andorra, Spain and you’ll get to ride a 3rd mountain range:   The stunning Vercors.  Try to top that.

Motorcycle Tours France


Paul Ricard Track Event & France Motorcycle Tour


March/April 2018


Alps, Provence, Riviera, Track Sessions at Paul Ricard

You like riding motorcycles.  You like to ride motorcycles on the track.  You really should consider this tour.

The emphasis here is on riding.  Choice roads from start to finish.  Tourist attractions aren’t on the agenda.

At the world famous Circuit Paul Ricard, you’ll get to ride BMW bikes during any of the 6 sessions.  You’ll also have the opportunity to go for thrilling rides with pro drivers in the complete line of BMW automobiles.

As this is a motorcycle tour in France, plenty of excellent food, wine & cheese.  Come ride the great roads, see the beautiful countryside and have a memorable track experience on the same track used for Formula One & motorcycle endurance racing.

Motorcycle Tours France

Pyrenees & Moto GP Aragon


Sept 17-Oct 1, 2018


France, Spain, Pyrenees

Start by riding the French Alps across southern France…we could stop right there.

The motorcycle tour France portion will have you marvel at the roads, & remains of the Roman Empire.

Experience amazing riding in the Pyrenees as you zigzag into Basque country & Spain.  Wait until you see a Moto GP race in Aragon.  Unbelievable ambiance.

The ride will take you from the Atlantic to Mediterranean coast.  You’ll also cross the Millau viaduct, & visit amazing cities like Carcassonne & Zaragosa.


Bol d’Or


Sept 13-25, 2018


Alps, Provence, Riviera

The Bol d’Or 24 hour endurance race is in the Pantheon of motorcycle racing events.  Held at the mythic Paul Ricard track in Southern France, you’ll have an exciting ride to the event.  The surrounding roads in the back country traverse lavender fields, old towns & vineyards.

Great ambience, riders from all over come to the event.  Legendary roads made famous on the Tour de France will be on the agenda.  Even though the highway is free to motorcyclists during race weekend, we’re going to have a blast on the back roads.

If you prefer a self guided motorcycle tour France, we have a range of tours to chose from.

You can do self ride motorcycle tours of France from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Take a look at our self guided motorcycle tours France page for more information.