Why You Should Come to Grenoble for Motorcycle Touring.

We often get the question:  ‘where’s the best motorcycle riding in France?’

The short answer is:  Grenoble, France.

Here’s why Grenoble has the best motorcycle riding in France.  First Grenoble is nestled in the French Alps, host of the 1968 Winter Olympics.  Every year Grenoble attracts thousands of tourists for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and especially motorcycling.

Surrounded by 4 mountain ranges, historically Grenoble was a city of strategic importance, birthplace of the French Revolution, & the Resistance played a major part in the area during WWII.

Today Grenoble is the capital of the Alps and capital of the Isere department (think ‘county’).  It plays host to numerous companies in microelectronics, produces highly qualified engineers in high tech fields and has a vibrant tourism industry.

Why you should come to Grenoble for motorcycle touring?

First would be the amazing roads, and there are plenty of them.

Roads of Interest (can’t list them all!)