Custom Motorcycle Show Punta Bagna in Valloire

We took a slight detour on our Italian Lakes tour to stop by a ski resort in the French Alps to check out Punta Bagna custom motorcycle show.

Since 2009 Punta Bagna has attracted thousands of riders, visitors and partners such as W&W Cycles, Custom Chrome Europe, Victory & Indian Motorcycles, Vulcante, Frisco Choppers, Kustom Workshop to name a few.

Valloire normally attracts thousands of skiers every Winter.  Every June bikers visit for the Punta Bagna custom event.  Set high in the French Alps, it’s not your typical venue for a motorcycle show, which is what is so cool.

We met guys from Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy.  We wanted to meet the owner of this bike to see if those gatling guns are a factory option? and fully functional?  Fire off a couple of rounds and get tailgaters to back off quick.

Indian Motorcycles brought practically the entire fleet.

Chrome, leather, flake, fine craftsmanship were ever-present with the usual classic rock tunes filling the air.  With temps in the low 90’sF (30’s C), we were dire need of some cooler air.  We took to the bikes and headed for the Galibier mountain pass.

The cool breeze blowing across the snow felt like A/C.  We needed to keep cool negotiating this amazing road.  Punta Bagna was a great stop en route to the Italian Lakes.  We saw a lot of cool, unique bikes & met some pretty cool dudes as well.