BMW Motorcycle Tour France & Corsica: May 9-23, 2018

BMW Motorcycle Tour France & Corsica:

Only a few days into 2018, and it’s already off to a great start.  We’ve got a lot of exciting tours & events to look forward to, this is just one of them.

This year the BMW Passion Days track event will be part of the Corsica Monaco Grand Prix Motorcycle Tour.  For those of you unfamiliar with BMW Passion Days, it’s a track day featuring the full line-up of BMW bikes and automobiles.

There are six, 20 minute sessions for you to ride on the iconic Circuit Paul Ricard track.  (The same one of Bol d’Or and French Grand Prix F1 fame).  Two long straights will let you see just how fast these machines can go.  The turns are technical and will let you appreciate how well the bikes handle & brake.  You’ll find out how good your skills are on a range of machines.

M2 MotoTours getting track advice pitlane at BMW passion days

Track sessions are arranged by skill level.  Motorcycles and cars take turns for 20 minutes in alternating fashion.  While you’re not riding, you can enjoy watching cars or other rider groups in a spectacular setting.

Once you’ve tried out different models, why not check out some of the BMW automobiles and go for some hot laps with a professional driver?

BMW M4 at BMW Passion Days Circuit Paul Ricard

In between all the action on track there’ll be a catered lunch, entertainment and you can just spectate from the rooftop deck if you need a break.

This is a fabulous event that any petrol head will enjoy.  Even if you don’t care to ride the track, you’ll enjoy the ambiance and watching.

This event alone is well worth attending.  We’re glad we can incorporate it into our Corsica Motorcycle Tour featuring the Historic Monaco Grand Prix.

Quick refresh on Corsica:  an island in the Mediterranean that belongs to France.  Famous Corsicans-Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte himself. (sorry Cheech & Chong are not Corsican even though they were in “the Corsican Brothers”).

Corsica attracts thousands of European riders.  For one, the roads are extremely fun…if you like turns.  If you are a straight line boulevard cruiser, you will not enjoy the ride.  There just aren’t many straightaways.

The diversity and scenery are just amazing.  Corsica is known as the “isle of beauty” and it lives up to its reputation.  Coasts, mountains, cliffs, forests, valleys, and yes, even a desert.  The Corsicans have fought hard to preserve the natural beauty of the island.  High rise building, garish hotels, big box retail and the like are non existent.

Once you’ve toured Corsica, you will find yourself strangely drawn to it.  Each time you discover something new.  Tt’s pleasant to return and see that it’s just like how you left it and the time before that.

Lest we not forget one of the crown jewels of motor racing:  Monaco Grand Prix.  This year we’ll see vintage race cars in the Historic Grand Prix.  There’s nothing else left like it.  You need to see, hear & smell the cars as they roar around the city streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As if that’s not enough for you, crossing the Alps to get from Grenoble to the French Riviera and Monaco is necessary.  That part of the trip can be a tour unto itself.  Discover mountain pass after pass, and enjoy French wine & cuisine in the evenings.

If you don’t know us yet, we don’t do ordinary here at M2.  We know that you’re coming from far away, and making the trip is a major investment, time & money-wise.  We pack in as much goodness on every level as possible, so that when you depart you have one thing on your mind:  coming back and doing it again.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the BMW Motorcycle Tour France Corsica page or contact us with any questions.

While you’re here, why not check out the catalog with a complete listing of our BMW Motorcycle Tour France as well as our self-guided motorcycle tour offering.


BMW Motorrad Days Garmisch Partenkirchen Motorcycle Tour Review

For BMW Motorrad fans, one might say all roads lead to Motorrad Days.  For M2 MotoTours fans, and tour participants know that we ride the best ones to get there.

Every year we look forward to BMW Motorrad Days for lots of reasons.  The ride there & back, the food (& beer) we’ll have along the way, the new friends we’ll make & the old ones we’ll see again.  There’s also all the new stuff from BMW Motorrad, test rides, group rides and entertainment, of course.

Futuristic BMW Motorrad Concept Bike

On display, an array of beautifully crafted parts.

Aftermarket Carbon Parts for BMW Nine T Racer

The Heritage line of Nine T machines were getting lots of attention.

The builders also had their creations on display.  Boxer engine based builds were plentiful…maybe we’ll see more k-engine builds next year?

Uber cool.

The Green Lantern?

The Bavarian fist fighter is one of our favorites.

The Silver Bullet looks fabulous.  Wonderful craftsmanship especially on the tank & fairing.

BMW Motorrad Days is a great time for fans of the brand, and even general motorcycle enthusiasts.  While the festival was the headlining event on this guided motorcycle tour, we covered a lot of ground and saw a lot on the way there and back.

Our guided motorcycle tour had us crossing the major mountain passes in Switzerland & Austria.  We had some time to visit Innsbruck, a beautiful city indeed, an Olympic winter games host.  We also stopped by Neuschwanstein Castle before heading towards Italy.  It was cool to see it up close, we skipped the guided tour so we could benefit from some of the roads in Bavaria.



In Italy we had to do the Stelvio Pass on every motorcyclists’ bucket list, plus the Dolomites and Lake Como, with a visit of Bellagio and the Duomo in Como.

Riding the Stelvio Pass Motorcycle Tour with M2 Mototours


Returning to France we crossed the Saint Bernard passes, the Col de l’Iseran, Galibier, Alpe d’Huez, Col d’Ornon, Col du Lautaret and the Vercors.

It was an action packed 2 weeks.  The riding exceeded everyone’s expectations.  There was never a dull moment.  Spectacular scenery at every turn and there were hundreds if not thousands of turns.

The group got along very well and laughs were aplenty.  Food-wise, it was excellent.  The wine and beer drinkers in the group were extremely satisfied with the variety and quality of beverages.

One special night stands out.  We stayed in a genuine castle in Italy.  We were given a private tour of the grounds and learned about the castle’s storied past.  Then we dined in our own private dining room.  The food, wine and service was fantastic.  The rooms were furnished so that you really felt like you were taken back in time to a different era.  This isn’t an experience you can have every day.  Everyone felt that it was truly special.

For more information on M2 MotoTours guided motorcycle tours, check out the tour page, or send an inquiry.

After spending two weeks sharing fantastic riding, meals, sightseeing and more together, it was tough saying goodbye.  Most everyone in the group wants to do it again next year.  Stay tuned…

HR Giger Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland with M2 MotoTours BMW Motorrad Days Fest

BMW Motorrad Days Garmisch Partenkirchen

The Furka Pass Switzerland on BMW Motorrad Days Festival Tour

Grossglockner Motorcycle Tour

At the Grossglockner

Croix de Fer mountain pass on the BMW motorcycle tour to Garmisch Partenkirchen


Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle Tour Review

Talk about putting “Grand” with a capital G into the Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle tour.

This tour was jam packed with mountains & mountain passes, many featured on the silver screen.  If we weren’t charging up mountain roads, we were motoring through valleys passing postcard picture forests, streams, waterfalls, chalets and the like.  Not only did we ride the best roads in Switzerland, we took advantage and did some in Italy & France.

furka pass motorcycle tour

ride the furka pass

The roads were challenging and were only asking to be ridden at a spirited pace.  We were happy to oblige and indulge ourselves.

The riding & scenery were spectacular, but somehow we managed to dismount to enjoy some fabulous food.  Meal after meal, the quality & variety was amazing.

Hazelnut, pistachio breaded filet of pork

Switzerland was the headliner on this tour, but we had to sample some of France & Italy while we were in the neighborhood.

The iconic Stelvio Pass went down hard.  There were so many hairpin turns we lost count, so we just had to do it again.

After getting our fill of the Stelvio Pass, we toured the Dolomites.  These mountains are so spectacular it’s easy to take your eyes off the road.

Now that our skills were sufficiently honed, and we were in mid-season form, we took on a number of “cols” featured in the Tour de France.  Maybe not as well publicized as the Stelvio Pass or Grossglockner, but riding the French Alps is a favorite among European riders.

Galibier, Lautaret, Croix de Fer, Glandon, Ornon… we brought our “A” game to take on these monsters.  All are top shelf roads and we were blown away by them all.  Thanksfully we had delicious French cuisine to keep us fueled up.

The week passed almost as fast as we took on some of these phenomenal roads.  Looking back on it we covered some serious ground and managed to accomplish so much that would make many fellow riders jealous.


Wheels Wings Wine Event July 2017


What a day it was.  Fantastic food, wine and thrilling auto-gyro flights.

Prior to departing on our BMW Motorrad Days Motorcycle tour, M2 MotoTours organized a special event for participants to get acquainted.    It was a beautiful day for riding, flying eating, and wine tasting.

We took a short ride to our private aerodrome on the outskirts of Grenoble.  Most of the group opted for an auto-gyro flight.  They were treated to a thrilling ride with fantastic views of the mountains & valleys surrounding Grenoble.

Wilfrid, proprietor of Domaine des Rutissons vineyard pulled out all the stops and prepared a wonderful lunch.  Everything was prepared using fresh, local ingredients.  On the menu, diot sausages from Savoy, steamed in white wine on a bed of grape vines.  The sausages took on a very nice flavor.  Crosiflette which is a local dish of pasta, cream and Reblochon cheese.

Not to be forgotten was the wine.  Wilfrid took the time to explain each vintage, the types of grapes and how he has resurrected abandoned vines, some of which are over a hundred years old.

Not to be outdone was William, ace pilot and instructor, (also Wilfrid’s brother).  One by one he took the group seasoned riders on auto-gyro flights which everyone loved.  William likens the autogyro to motorcycles.  He explained that with the autogyro you have the freedom, the wind, the acceleration and the views you might not normally see in other vehicles, similar to a motorcycle.

Mustangs racing the autogyro.

Two Mustangs showed up and provided some high octane entertainment.  They challenged William to an impromptu drag race.  We think their tire choice wasn’t well suited for a grassy drag strip.

Sergio says M2 MotoTours scores with a great event

Some Mustangs came to race the autogyro

It was a wonderful afternoon spent eating, chatting, flying and tasting some very good wines.  We’re glad that the BMW Motorrad Days motorcycle tour participants had the chance to get acquainted in a relaxed atmosphere.  Those who were still getting over their jet-lag were glad they could take it easy before two weeks of devouring Alpine mountain passes and visiting the Motorrad Days fest in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Special thanks to Wilfrid, William and their team for making it an unforgettable afternoon.

For more information on autogyro flights in Grenoble, contact, and visit the Domaine des Rutissons to learn more about the fine wines we enjoyed.

Motorcycle Rental Grenoble France

If you’re looking to rent a motorcycle, or hire a motorbike in Grenoble, Lyon or Geneva, well we’ve got good news for you.

Our on-line motorcycle reservation site is up and operational.  Now you can reserve a motorbike day or night by the magic of the internet.

You can rent a BMW motorcycle such as the venerable R1200 RT , to the sensational S1000XR.

K-bike connoisseurs will appreciate the choice of the 6 cylinder K1600, offering superior comfort without sacrificing on performance.  They’ll also like the option of the K1200R or K1300GT.

The K1200R or K1300GT offer high performance with stability as if they were on rails.

The F800GT offers lightweight, nimble handling for the intermediate rider or advanced rider.  The F800 offers plenty of power for fun, with luggage while being a lot lighter and lower than the others.

All the bikes come with full insurance for the pilot & pillion, and are maintained according to the manufacturer’s standards.

If you want to go on a motorcycle tour, but the dates or duration of one of our guided tours are not convenient, check out our motorcycle rental option.  We can provide you with an off-the-shelf self-guided tour or design one to your specifications.  We’ll load it into a GPS and you can hit the road and tour at your pace.

The motorcycle rental France site can be accessed here.