How We Roll…

We’re not out to make or break any records, we just want you to have a great time.

Do you want to ride in a pack of a couple dozen bikes?  Never ending rest breaks? Endless refueling stops?

  • That won’t be a problem with us.  We prefer a smaller, personalized, high quality experience.
  • We limit the group size to 8 bikes.

Are you looking to start at the crack of dawn and finish after sunset?  Does spending hours on the freeway, sleeping in lousy places, eating crummy food float your boat?

  • We avoid the highway/motorway unless we need to make time.  We don’t like it since it’s quite boring.  If we have to take the highway, we pay for it, not you.
  • We favor interesting roads as the principal part of the tour.  You will get your fill of riding, and have time to relax at the end of the day.

Our tours are more “expensive” than other companies.

  • We prefer the all inclusive model.  If we provided less, we could lower our price, but you might be in for a bad surprise.  Kind of like when you go to the airport and get dinged for all kinds of extra charges that surpass the price of your ticket.  When you consider everything that is included, we are extremely competitive, and provide a great value.  We think we are a better value considering the quality delivered, the small group size, the accommodations, our services & meals, which are superior to other companies.

We pick you up and drop you off.  You are our guests.  We’ll meet you at the airport or train station, and get you settled at the hotel.  Reluctantly, we’ll take you back when it’s time to go.

Riding Ability:  we don’t critique riding ability, unless a rider is reckless.  If you are looking for riding tips, you can ask one of the guides.

If you have a non-riding partner, they can ride in the van.  Availability is limited and needs to be coordinated in advance.  Best contact us ahead of time.

Your luggage (carry-on & suitcases) can be securely stored while we are on the road.

Our selection of hotels & restaurants has to meet high standards.  We like a comfortable bed, clean room and good food, just like you do.

Every day we have a short briefing to review the itinerary and plan of the day.

We’re riders at heart.  As part of the fraternity of riders, everyone regardless of their lifestyle or personal affiliations is welcome to join us.

If you need more information on travel & tour arrangements, please visit this page.

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