M2 MotoTours Bikes:

Whether riding solo or with passenger, we have a variety of bikes to suit your preferences.

Every bike we own is generously equipped with options such as ABS, electronic suspension, heated grips or seats for example.  We’ve put together an offering that allows you and your passenger to comfortably and safely have fun while motorcycle touring through Europe.

All of our bikes are stringently maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  We only use class leading tires from Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler.

Included are pertinent manufacturer specifications for you to verify seat height, weight, power, etc.

If you need assistance in making a selection, please contact us.



BMW f800 GT Displacement:  798cc Torque:  63Nm /46.5 ft lbs. @5800 rpm Weight:  213.2 (wet) Seat Height: Standard:  800mm / 31.5 inches Low Setting:  N/A Low Seat Option: N/A Wheelbase: 1,514mm / 59.6 inches Options:  ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, luggage & top case.

BMW appears to have got the balance right with the F800GT. It has just the right blend of sport and tourer for a motorcycle of this size and type.

It also makes a sensible proposition for anyone considering taking up motorcycling for the first time and it even has appeal for the more experienced rider who wants a light, but robust sports tourer that will happily eat up the miles in a no nonsense sort of way.

And where this BMW really scores is you’ll have a lot of fun doing that and just getting out there and riding it.


K1200R Sport


BMW K1200R Sport

Displacement:  1157cc

Torque:  127.00Nm / 93.7 ft lbs. @ 8250 rpm

Weight:  217 kg

Seat Height:

  • Standard:  820mm / 32.2 inches

  • Low Setting: N/A

  • Low Seat Option: N/A

Wheelbase:  1,580mm / 62.2 inches

Options:  ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, tank bag

“I had forgotten just how much I’d enjoyed this engine.

I held on, grinning, as 163 horses threatened to wrench my fingers from the handlebars.

My knees dug into the tank’s recess, I knocked the Beemer into sixth and tucked in – this is way too easy.”

Read the full article here:  http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/ridden-bmw-k1200r-sport-review/ar-BB8flSg



BMW K1300 GT Displacement:  1293cc Torque: 135Nm / 99.6 ft lbs @ 8000 rpm Weight:  255kg / 562.2 lbs Seat Height: Standard: 840mm / 33.1 inches Low Setting:  800mm / 31.5 inches Low Seat Option Wheelbase: 1,572mm / 61.9 inches Options: ESA suspension, heated grips, heated seats, cruise control, electric windscreen, luggage & topcase

The BMW K1300 GT is a Grand Tourer in the true sense of the words. It manages to combine massive performance with supreme practicality and comfort. There are so many bikes out there that don’t handle and ride as well as the BMW K1300GT that are supposed to be ‘sports-focussed’ bikes it’s simply astounding how easy the BMW K1300GT is to chuck around.

Read the full article here:  http://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/bmw/k1300gt/2009/

BMW R1200 RT


BMW R1200 RT

Displacement:  1170cc Torque:  120Nm / 88.5ft lbs @6000rpm Weight:  229kg / 504.9lbs Seat Height: Standard:  840mm / 33 inches Low Setting:  820mm / 32.2 inches Low Seat Option:  780-800mm /30.7 inches Wheelbase: 1485mm / 58.4 inches Options:  ESA electronic suspension, heated grips & seats, electric windscreen, cruise control, luggage, topcase & tank bag.

BMW R1200 RT

“the BMW R 1200 RT has long been sport touring’s standard-bearer. Designed, built and refined in the shadow of the Alps, the RT name is synonymous with tractable power, intuitive handling and first-rate comfort and wind protection. Its trademark air/oil-cooled boxer twin with shaft drive represents 90 years of BMW design tradition, a setup that has proven to be reliable and popular.”

Read the entire article here:  http://ridermagazine.com/2013/05/06/2013-bmw-r-1200-rt-review/

BMW R1200 GS


BMW R1200 GS Displacement:  1170cc Torque:  115Nm / 84.8 ft lbs @ 5750 rpm Weight:  203 kg Seat Height: Standard: 850mm /33.5 inches Low Setting: N/A Low Seat Option:  N/A Wheelbase: 1507mm / 59.3 inches Options: ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, luggage & topcase.

“if I had to pick one bike to ride for the rest of my life, this would be it. ” read the full article here:  http://www.thesmokingtire.com/2011/2011-bmw-r1200-gs-review/

BMW K1600 GT


BMW K1600 GT

Displacement:  1649cc Torque:  175Nm /129 ft lbs. @7750 rpm

Weight:  319kg (wet)

Seat Height:

Standard:  810mm / 31.9 inches

Low Setting:  780mm/30.7 inches

Low Seat Option: N/A

Wheelbase: 1,680mm / 66.1 inches

Options:  ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, heated seat, electric windscreen, luggage & top case.

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