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“Motorcycle Camp” European Tours

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For those of you unfamiliar with our “Motorcycle Camp” series of tours, here’s a little primer to get you up to speed.

Motorcycle Camp is a week of riding in France, Switzerland or Italy.  Grenoble is the place of departure and arrival.

The underlying idea was to create a one week tour with the emphasis on riding first and foremost.  For those of you unfamiliar with Grenoble and surroundings, you don’t have to go far to find great riding.  It’s all around.  Whatever direction we take, the riding is excellent.

In creating the itineraries, we threw down the gauntlet and asked our staff, and other riders “if you had one week of riding to plan, what would you do?”  The constraints were:  as much great riding as possible, with diversity, minimal highway time, ,returning to Grenoble every other night.

After receiving the submissions, we voted on which rides were best and assembled them into the various editions of Motorcycle Camp.

A few key points about what we call “Motorcycle Camp”

  • It Lasts One Week.  We’ve tried to plan the dates so that you can use a minimum of vacation days.  The idea being you can arrive on a Saturday, start riding on Sunday and leave the following Saturday.
  • There is one edition per month from May-August.
  • Alternating Nights Out:  Every other night we’ll spend away from Grenoble.  If you bring a spouse who doesn’t want to ride every day, this could be a good option for them to visit the region, yet meet up every other evening.
  • No ‘camping’ is involved.  No tents, no sleeping bags…we’ll be spending the nights in hotels, or B&B’s.
  • We cover a variety of regions, from Alps to Provence, the Vercors, Chartreuse, Mont Blanc, some editions go to Switzerland or Italy.

So if you’re short on time, and want to pack in some great riding during your trip to Europe, sign up for an edition of Motorcycle Camp, it’ll be the best riding week you have all summer.

Click to learn more about the Motor Camp May motorcycle tour France edition.  If you’d like a more in depth, longer ride, check out this swiss motorcycle tours.



Triumphant Return Austrian MotoGP

motorcycle tour moto gp franceRecently the 2016 Austrian GP was awarded top honors as the best event of the season by the Grand Prix Commission (full article at the end of this post).

Our job is to pick winners, and coincidentally we just so happened to have been at the 2016 Austrian Moto GP.  We agree that it deserved top honors.

After a 19 year absence from the MotoGP calendar, to come back and get top honors means that they did it right and did it right off the bat.


(Watch Ducati Fans Celebrate)

Here are a few of our observations.

  • The weather was outstanding.  You couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.
  • The crowd was huge, really huge, crazy huge.  It made for great ambience.
  • Great race action.  Ducati had a great race and earned a tough win.
  • The venue is awesome.  The Red Bull Ring is big.  Really big.  Lots of good seats.  General admission is not so good.
  • The logistics of getting in & out were good.  Everything kept moving smoothly.
  • Really nice airshow for starters.  Some classic propeller & jet planes entertained the crowd for a while before the race start.


Here’s a few suggestions to potential attendees or the organizers of the Austrian MotoGP.

  • More food & refreshment options.  Some were wiped out of inventory and the race hadn’t started.
  • Some areas around the portable toilets turned into a muddy disaster.  (Not the place to wear flip-flops.)
  • Parking in fields quite far away with shuttles to get you close.  If you are riding your motorcycle, bring something to prevent the kickstand from sinking into the ground in case the ground is soft.
  • General admission seating.  You can sit, but not see.  You can stand and maybe see.  This area is crowded and too far in some places to see the race action.  For the non MotoGP fan, this is probably acceptable.  If you really want to see the race, buy a seat in the grandstands, or get there really early to secure something in the front of general admission.
  • If you want a seat, they go on sale several months in advance.  Make your purchase early, or you will be relegated to general admission.
  • As always sunscreen, hats sunglasses (although you can easily find a merchant who’ll sell you a Valentino Rossi cap)
  • Folding chairs are permitted in general admission.  The ground gets a little uncomfortable after an afternoon of sitting.


Besides the Austrian MotoGP race, there’s an entire beautiful country to explore.  If you’re thinking about Austrian motorcycle tours, check out  our Mega Alpine motorcycle tour.  We think it’s the best way of discovering the Tyrol, Alps, Dolomites as well as Swiss mountain passes, the Stelvio pass and Grossglockner high mountain road..



Full news article here:  http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2016/12/09/austrian-gp-voted-best-of-2016/217382