Welcome to the Place for European Motorcycle Tours.

Ideally situated in the French Alps next to Italy & Switzerland, M2 MotoTours offers top notch guided & self guided European motorcycle tours.

We deliver The Ultimate Riding Experience.  Our tours are designed to cater to every serious motorcycle rider’s and passenger’s tastes.

Guided European Motorcycle Tours

Our guided tours are full service, all-inclusive and worry free.  All you need to do is, show up and start having fun.

Guided Tours include:

  • BMW Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Gas, tolls (if any)
  • Hotel Accommodations 3-4****
  • Guides
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Luggage Transport & secure storage (see tour page for details)
  • Airport/train station transport

Check out a few of our epic tours.  Act now, they are filling up fast.

Our guided tours are the Ultimate Riding Experience.

Featuring places and events like:

  • Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sardinia and Corsica
  • Alpine tours for their majestic beauty, the fresh mountain air, and the smell of edelweiss
  • Wine country tours to Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.
  • Moto GP races to BMW Motorrad Days 2018.

Our self-guided tours vary from 3 days to 2 weeks.  We supply you with a motorcycle, GPS, and hotel stays.  For the lone wolves, we can supply you with a motorcycle and you go where the road takes you.

Bike tours, motorrad tours, motorcycle tours, motorcycle travel, regardless of what you call it, we’re all speaking the same language.  If you want to ride epic roads with personalized service for an unforgettable motorcycle touring experience then you’re almost there.

Start your Ultimate Riding Experience today by checking out our guided European motorcycle tours.